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Finally spotted some M-case Hot Wheels, and got the four that I wanted the most: the '12 Corvette Z06 and the Porsche Boxster Spyder...

the Eleanor GT-500...

and my favorite of the four, the '71 Hemi Cuda.

On to the Value Village finds. At first, I thought that I might have struck out - there were only a few diecast bags, and most of them consisted of beat-up cars that were only a few years old. Then I spotted a bag containing five Matchbox cars. The bag was priced at $2.99, but since it was a 25% off day at VV, I only paid $2.24.

-First off, here's a 1984 Dodge Caravan and a Superfast Fork Lift. It's a shame that the Caravan is missing the sliding side door, but I'm not too surprised given its condition. I had at least one as a kid and an example that still has its side door is high on my wish list. The Fork Lift still has the Lansing Bagnall stickers on each side (although the text has all but faded off on the opposite side).

-Ford Tyre Fryer (the base just says "Tyre Fryer," but there's Ford logos on each side of the engine). Thought this one might be missing a window, but with thanks to a Google image search, I saw that it never had one. The seat was a little dirty, but I cleaned it up with some Q-tips. This one looks mean!

-Superfast Jeep CJ8. Had to do a little clean-up on this one as well. As you can see, it's been through a good share of off-road adventures in at least one kid's backyard. I was glad to see that the trailer hitch was still fully intact!

-I saved the best one for last: a Rola-matics Mustang Piston Popper. This one needed some cleaning up as well (it was actually dirtier than the Jeep). A very nice add to my Mustang collection!

As a bonus, here's the Jeep with a Maisto camper.

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