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In 1984, Sohbi was established as a diecast manufacturer. They primarily used other marketing distributors to move their products. And most of their offerings were similar to what other brands; such as MC Toys (Maisto), Yat Ming or Zylmex offered at the time. Some of their castings were marketed by Norev as "Mini Jet" after their own production run in France ended, in 1984.

They are considered one of the 'cheap' Chinese brand of diecast models without any identification markings on their base plates. They were usually found in multipacks at discount type stores. Many regional versions were made for different countries. Which make them a challenge to collect.

In the early 2000s though, diecasts with the Sobhi name on their bases did appear in the "Turbo Launch Racers" (2) packs that were available at Walmart stores.

Sohbi is also known for their diecast airplane line.

Sohbi production appears to have stopped in the 1990s. (?)

Around 2000, Sohbi provided their castings to Imperial for them to use in their themed play sets. Along with the Sohbi castings, plastic structures were also included in these sets.

In 2002, Creative Enterprises Group Inc marketed 'party favor' type diecasts made by Sohbi. One themed set included a modified Yat Ming commercial truck with a new front grill and (3) axles.

In 2002, ATICO International offered Sohbi castings in their "Prime Zone Diecast Collectibles" branded series of blister cards.

Two other Canadian distributors are also noted to have marketed Sohbi castings. Nipco Toys Ltd used same "Color Change Racers" castings used by Thinkway Trading of Markham, Ontario. As Thinkway Toys of Scarborough, Ontario they were also noted to have issued a Sohbi's (2) pack.

An unspecified relationship with Dickie is also noted.

Sourced references - @Motorcade

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