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First round of the Danish outdoor Championships was held last Sunday in Glostrup outside Copenhagen. The track was also used to host the European Championship back in 2005, and it’s perfect for Electric Touring Car racing. The track is 165m long, with a main straight of 50m. Control tires for the season is Solaris Hard, and the drivers are allowed to use 6 tires for the race. The sun had arrived at Denmark, giving a perfect condition for a super race. In the qualification it was Soeren Boy Holst who was fastest of all, with the brand new T.O.P. Photon EX car. Friday’s practice session was the first time out for this car, and it was flying around the track. TQ by 3 seconds to Troels Troelsen, who was followed by Nicolai Lindegaard.

In the finals Soeren pulled away from start while Troels and Nicolai had some very close fights. In the first final Nicolai made an early move on Troels, who let him by to avoid accidents and hoped to catch up and pass him during the 7 minutes, but he didn’t succeed. In the 2nd final Nicolai made a mistake that dropped him down the field, so Troels could relax a bit and took the 2nd place ahead of Nicolai Nielsen. The 3rd final was again a close battle for 2nd place, but Troels made a mistake and left the 2nd place for Nicolai.

Source: TOP [top-racing.jp]

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