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So if all you want is COOL CARS, what kind of a series would you like? We ALL know about Rebel Rods, so move along...nothing to see here...

Personally, I'd like to see NEWER sports cars. Yes, I said NEWER. :eek: The 60s and 70s have some cools cars, but I'm a sucker for sleek new design.

1. Mobster cars...those black classics with bullet holes and moneybags in the back seat
2. I'd love to see Ferrari's and Lamborghini's, but it'll never happen. :(
3. A whole release of retools of old castings
4. hmmmm....

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I wouls looooooovvvvvee to see something done with star wars. I know star trek is going to be done soon so star wars is a possibility to me. I would even like to see a group of cars done like the marvel comics or the santa/polar bear series. This is just me being the star wars fanatic i am but still would gobble the stuff up once i saw it on the pegs.

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You forgot to make a 70 - 72 Olds 442 or Cutlass S. One of the world's most polular muscle cars and you didn't EVER make one excpt the convertibles.

a couple other missing links are:
67 Chevelle
69 Chevelle
Beaumont ( any year )
68 Olds 442
late 60s Mustang notchbacks
early 60s Ford Comets

Yes re-tooling alot of the older JLs would be real cool and great sellers.
This list is large but well worth making.

A few on the top
69 Olds 442
67 Mustang
70 Superbee
basically any from Muscle Cars collection 1 and 2

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1. Station wagons (big old '60s and '70s barges with faux wood side panels)- '75 Ford Country Squire, '70 Chrysler Town and Country, '70 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

2. Excessive '80s (hard to believe but vehicles made in 1984 are now technically 'classics')- '83 Toyota Supra, '88 Toyota Supra, '86 Porsche 944, '80s Mustangs, '80s Firebirds

3. '40s and '50s cars- '51 Hudson Hornet, Henry J, '53 Packard Caribbean, '57 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, Continental MK II

4. Demolition Derby- a great way to repaint those station wagons and the '74 Monaco ;)

5. Monster trucks- Hot Wheels sells a ton of their Monster Jams, but I think Johnny Lightning could do some awesome replicas of early trucks like the original Bigfoot, USA-1, Awesome Kong, Pony Express ('67 Mustang), Blue Thunder ('68 Camaro), No Problem, King Krunch, Rolling Thunder, and more

6. Winners and Losers- the all time greats (Mustang, Corvette, '57 Chevy) and the all time losers (Gremlin, Pacer, Pinto, Vega, Edsel)

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Hmmm, yeah.... The so called...

New classics...
Mercedes CLK
Various Toyota Supras... (Not just F&F)
Mazda RX/7 (Again, not just F&F)
VW Scirroco and Corrado (Ok, so I am reaching here...)
The return of the Mustang Cobra
SS Monte Carlo
Eagle Talon, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Plymouth Laser
(I am at a loss for anything truly Mopar...)

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I'd like the Holiday Classics to light up. Push a bulb thru the bottom to have the headlights and taillights glow. Maybe a couple flasher bulbs for the turn signals. :p

Oh, and where's that clear Vanquish?

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-Ferraris, Lambos, BMWs(M3!!), Mercedes, Mclaren, Rolls-Royce, Bently,.....and of course, Porsche!!
-Mazda RX-8
-And some nice retooling of muscle cars(442,68 Mustang,etc)
-I also like the gangster car idea! Very cool!

One more, the Porsche Carrera GT.....and did you know, this car's tires weigh more than the actual wheels! They're magnesium alloy, light as a feather. :D
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