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Been meaning to do this for awhile now and might as well get started. Here you will find a collection of threads of people who refind their childhood collection, inherited one from a family member, friend or have found a blow out find at a garage sale/storage unit auction. Most often they also ask how is the best way to sell them. Rather than repost the same information over and over again - we can just refer them to this collection of threads that already have the questions and answers in them. :cheers2:

Military assortment

Inherited Hot Wheels Collection

Looking to Sell

New to the board with old collection

Recently inherited 1,000's

How did you determine value before ebay?

Looking for advice

New Collector Needs Information


Extensive hotwheel collection

How to sell Diecast


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But see how often this topic comes up. We should be very lucky on this forum because new members, who have no interest in the collectables, can ask members for help.
On some other forums they'll cut you down before you start asking questions. They know the person's not interested in the forum and the members have no intention of doing the "leg work" for the new member.
Forum members will ask "Send a list" through private mail on the forum. Most members in such a situation don't even have a list prepared. The experienced forum members want to cherry pick the items.
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