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So happy to find this forum

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I have several 1:43 scale Cadillacs, here's a few:

After seeing this forum, I may have to hunt down some more!
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Welcome to the 1/43 scale forum doggbert! :wave:

Your Cadillacs look like Solido models. I have the 1953 Cadillac in white and the Eldorado in pink.

Thanks for sharing.

Looking forward to seeing more pics of your cars!
The top is a Vitesse, but the others are Solido. Here's one of my displays...

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Whaaz up Bert! :dude: Good to see you postin'...especially your Caddy collection. :thumbsup:

Hey Jerry! Finding this forum was a pleasant surprise. You know how I feel about 1:43!
I glad it has been included in the line-up as well. It still seems kind of "outlaw" though since you can't get back to it in the Forum Jump. What's up with that?
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