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My wife clips coupons, she spends hours each week clipping and organizing. But, each time we go grocery shopping we save in excess of 50 bucks because of her coupons. See at meijers they double coupons every day.. that helps a lot.

Anyhow another store has a special on cake mixes, the wife makes cakes so we buy them when we can get them cheap. So the wife grabbed all her coupons for cake mixes and we went to the store to load up.

They had a limit of 6 so she got 6 and I got 6, the other items we had was on her order so all I had was 6 cake mixes and coupons. When the cashier told me how much I had to pay for the cake mixes I could'nt help but laugh.

Cake mixes usually run about a buck each, and they were on sale at 2 for 88 cents.

my wife acutally had a coupon that was $1 off of two.. so realisticly, they paid me 12 cents to take two cake mixes home... ;)

the six cake mixes cost me 24 cents total out of pocket...

It breaks down like this.
6 x .44 = $2.64
cpn -1.00 = 1.64
cpn -.35 = 1.29
cpn -35 = .94
cpn -35 = .59
cpn -35 = .24

I tell ya I couldnt stop laughing....
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