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pms485 said:
Thanks Rob. Second one I've ever done. I hope I get to do a few more, unfortunatly, I do them for free. :rolleyes:
If you keep the shading n stuff layered (assuming you're using transparancies for the shading) then you can easily manipulate paint jobs later. Making the first 'template' the most time consuming... Given of course, you can get away with re-using the template.

The best news is that each one you do, gets better!!! I always end up learning something new/trying a new technique/or software gets better. I look at work I did 5 years ago and think how bad the detail/template looks now. At the time I thought it looked great. Makes me wonder how crappy my current work will look in 5 years! lol
1 - 20 of 56 Posts
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