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Small Art Works Eagle accurizing kits... did I miss a memo?

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Went to Small Art Works' site.... wanted to FINALLY get the accurizing sets for my AMT/MPC/Ertl/whatever Eagle kit... and saw very little on the site for that kit anymore. Emailed James, no response as yet.... did I miss an anouncement that he was discontinuing those parts?
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James can be a little slow responding at times but he is still selling the kit and other things. Give him a few more days and shot him another message. I am waiting on a replacement part from him myself.
You're right. I was on the site last week and there was a graphical link to the Eagle Authentication kits but the link was broken. Now there's no graphical link at all. Maybe that part of the site is down for renovation, only Jim Small would know for sure. There's still a link to the auxiliary boosters for the 12" Eagles.
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