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I have an old B&W TV sitting near my track. Today I decided to finally hook it up to a digital converter box and a set of rabbit ears. Because of my location near NYC, we get pretty strong signals; enough to actually pull in all the stations even with rabbit ears (all other TVs are hooked to the roof antenna).

Had a good picture going. Then I started to run some cars. As soon as I depress the controller, the voice drops out from the TV. The picture may have also frozen (like a digital signal will do), but I was too busy watching the car to notice. When I let off the controller, the voice comes back.

I know that cars used to interfere with analog signals. Anyone been experiancing problems with digital signals recieved via antenna?

And before you suggest it, I have no desire, AT ALL, to get cable. TV programs today are bad enough without having to pay for them.

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