Skull Savvy, from the streets of Bali, presenting you the beautiful craft filled with aspiration by the Balinese artists. We Present you genuine, real and authentic carved skulls. Carving an animal skull is not an easy job; it takes years of practice and dedication to master it. At Skull Savvy, we understand and respect this artwork, which results in extremely remarkable pieces of art. As our skulls are hand carved and each design chiseled individually, they are exclusive and one-of-a-kind. We strive to bring new levels of creativity and skill to this traditional carving technique. Moreover, our skulls are extremely high-in-quality yet quite affordably priced. Therefore, Skull Savvy is the best place to come to if you want to invest in a remarkable hand carved decorative deer skull that has been carved by Balinese master artisans. So if you recently renovated your living space and looking to add a classy yet earthly touch to the interiors you can opt for our Horse skull decoration lamps or simple skulls. The other ways you can add a wild yet tamed feel by opting for elephant skull decoration or rhino skull decoration.