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Sk Shootout $$cash$$

Guys , we are opening up our weekly racing this Saturday for all SK's
All car's are welcome and will race together
Large Cash prizes for winners of the A,B,C main
Stock motors, 4 cell.
Doors open around 1:00 and racing will start are 7:30
2 4 min. heats and a 150 lap main

Pay out as of now
Amain win $70.00
Bmain win $20.00
Cmain win $10.00
More racers more cash

The track is 105 ft centerline very simular to Madness but with more traction.
$12.00 entry fee.

Location St.Bernard High school. Montville, Ct. (3 miles from the Mohegan Sun)
Rt 395 exit 79A to Rt2, get off exit 1, take a right,3light the school is on your left(post office)

Any questions call Steve K
860 848 4799

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if anyone needs help with setup or anything let me know and will help out. myself and some others will be getting there earlier to setup for everyone. We recently put ICE down in the corners so it should gain some good racing for everyone. lots of fun and good people there. thanks steve for puting this on. basic setup is whites in the rear,with rf blue or black or gray LF with a green and red front spring. roll out with co27 is between 1.80-1.90's
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