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Simple Lap Timer

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hope this is the correct section to post this in.
I'm looking to buy or build a simple, single car, single lap timer that goes out to 1/100th second. Ideally, it would be a break beam system of sorts, a moving car trips the clock, and stops it when it completes the lap.

I've been all over the web trying to find something similar but no real luck so far.
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I emailed the guys @ slot car dragon, never got a response
will do, want to try the aforementioned zip zap timers first.
Thanks Dan, I looked at your site, very interesting device.
I'm being sent a zip zap (Radio Shack) version from a member on here to try out, will post info, results, etc. as I get them.
Tried a zip zap timer, decided to try a microsizer timer as well. The microsizer worked like a charm, perfect for my needs. Thanks much Gary and Al!

Unfortunately, our Spanish timekeeper Manual Stopwatch was forced into retirement. We wish him well.:D


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1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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