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The World of Hobbies & Games in Cincinnati, OH played host to stop number 4 of the BSR Brushless Oval Tour. Unseasonably warm weather greeted 80 of the best drivers in the Midwest for the Hyperdrive “Rumble in the Jungle”.

Built only two years ago the World of Hobbies track is billiard table smooth and has a wide racing surface that provided some great racing action.

Sportsman Stock 13.5

The 13.5 class continues to grow with many new faces and strong field of 34 drivers on hand to do battle. After qualifying was all said in done it was Illinois Bob Williams on top of the leader board. This was Bob’s first TQ of the year and along with the plaque he earned a spot in the big money Novak All Star Challenge coming up at seasons end.

Fast 5 Dash
The 25 lap Fast 5 Dash was probably one of the most action packed of the season. Bob Williams would lead the first few laps before being challenged by a hard charging Pat Simkins who had made his way around Chuck Kleinhagen’s car from third starting position.

Buddy Paul started from the back but the Green Bay, WI pilot made quick work off the start of Mike Kelm’s red number 47 Maverick and found his way around Kleinhagen a few laps later.

On lap 10 the battle for the lead intensified with the lead trio trading paint and going three wide into turn one. Paul saw an opening and with a well calculated outside to inside move dove to the bottom to take over the point.

The three wide action would see Simkins and Williams tangle allowing then fourth place Kleinhagen to move up to second. Pat quickly recovered and in just a few laps and moved past Kleinhagen to lock down an outside front row starting position for the main.

Paul would cross the line first and put his Victory Hobbies/Hefty Cells machine on the pole for the A. Simkins would finish second followed by Kleinhagen, Williams and Kelm.

13.5 B-Main
A hard fought B main would see “The Wolfman” Rob Mulvaney take the win followed to the line by fellow Illinois racer Kevin Klyber. Both would take the automatic bump-ups to the A feature.

Detroit winner Jason Crist finished third and would sit on the bubble waiting to see if his posted time was good enough for the A. Jason made it thorough two lower mains before watching the bubble buster William Gibson win the C-main with a time just one second ahead of Crist. This would be the second race in a row that the Dubuque, IA driver would transfer to the A by winning the C-main.

13.5 A-Main
After a strong dash performance Buddy Paul would find himself leading only lap 1 before the bright red rocket of Simkins would take over the top spot. The Madison, WI driver looked unstoppable.

On lap 3 C and B main winners Gibson and Mulvaney would see there race end early with a crash eliminating both drivers.

Simkins seemed to be ready to check out but slipped on the ice coming off turn two and would give up the point. Chuck Kleinhagen would be the beneficiary of Simkins mistake taking the lead for the next 7 laps. But the un-sponsored Simkins car was just too strong and he quickly run down Chuck for the winning pass.

The race was uneventful for the next 4 minutes with most of the driver running lock step. Pat would pull away opening up a 2 second advantage and cross the line to take his first BRL victory of the season. Kleinhagen would finish second followed by Paul, Williams, Klyber, and Kelm.

Pro 4300

The Pro 4300 class would see another strong 41 car field with some of the best oval pilots in the country in attendance.

Frank Ulbrik in his Hyperdrive Pro 3 proved to be the man to beat. Frank set fast time in three out of four rounds to take TQ and cruised to an easy victory in a relatively uneventful Fast 5 Dash.

Pro 4300 B-Main
The B-main would see BSR Tour points leader Keith Racknor take an early lead followed closely by Dusty Kemp in the black number 9. Kemp would get as close as Racknor’s back bumper before a spinning car would collect him on lap 18 sending his Custom Works car hard into the outside wall.

The door would then swing open for Ohio driver Dusty Dean to move into second followed by fan favorite Big John Zubak.

The running order would not change; Racknor and Dean would take the automatic transfers to the A while Zubak would be left to sit on the bubble.

Zubie would see his bubble busted buy D-main winner Matt Gansen. But Gansen would watch the Black 85 car of Mike Makus toy with his bubble time for a full 5 minutes in the C-main. It went down to the last lap and even a quick look at the printout but by less then two tenths Makus would bump Gansen out and take his Hefty Cells powered machine to the A.

Pro 4300 A-Main
From the tone is was Frank Ulbrik jumping out to the lead followed by 06 Snowbird’s champ Monti Panzica and Iowa driver Danny Bartholomew tucked behind in third. .

BSR owner and tour sponsor John Foister would see his day come to an end early with mechanical gremlins on lap 1. C-main winner Mike Makus would also have problems ending his run on lap 8.

Up front Ulbrik was pulling away laying down multiple quick laps. The battle raged for second with Bartholomew in his KSG working over the back bumper of the Silva car driven by Panzica.

Maryland driver Jamie Hanson was patiently waiting behind the second place battle looking for his opportunity. On lap 41 the door opened as Bartholomew made an inside move in turn three bumping with Panzica causing both to lose momentum and allowing Hanson to take advantage and move his Leading Edge car into second.

Panzica would recover first falling back to third but 10 laps later Bartholomew was back on his bumper and this time would find enough room to take over the position.

Hanson tried his best but did not have enough to run down Ulbrik who would take his first BRL win of the year. Hanson would end up second, Bartholomew third, followed by Panzica who held off a late charge by Keith Racknor at the line.

Pro Modified

The smooth and wide World of Hobbies surface let the mod guys lay into the throttle and turn some blistering fast lap times. Danny Bartholomew in his pink number 18 was king of the rocket cars again this weekend. Danny’s car unloaded fast and crew chief Tom Bartholomew made sure it stayed that way all weekend. Bartholomew would take his third consecutive mod TQ beating out local favorite John Foister.

Pro Mod A-Main
In the main it was more of the same with the Danny and John show checking out from the rest of the field. Sean Maxwell was the first to fall out of the race at the three minute mark with mechanical issues. Just to make the main start was a win for Sean after suffering major damage in last round of qualifying earlier in the morning.

Foister’s bad luck would continue as he would fall out of the race just a few laps after Maxwell. Springfield Missouri drive Kevin Perry would be the beneficiary taking over second position. Kevin was just happy to be racing after missing all of Saturday’s qualifiers due to illness.

At the end it was Bartholomew notching his third consecutive win and assuming a commanding points lead. Perry would post his best finish of the year in second and Jason Hack would come home third.

Other big winners of the weekend included Kevin Burrit taking home a stellar pit board from Guarantee Graphix for his concourse win.

Matt Gansen was the big raffle winner taking home a new Pro 3 kit donated by race sponsor Barry Hill at Hyperdrive, Matt also pocketed a free build on the kit donated from race winner Frank Ulbrik and his new service Pro Built Race Cars.

And the biggest winner was the kids at the Victory Junction Gang as racers donated over $800 to the weekend raffle.

With only two races left before the Novak National Finals the BRL/BSR Brushless Oval Tour moves on to Fort Wayne Indiana for some short track action. Summit Raceway will be the host the Lefthander R/C -Voo Doo Cells Summit Show Down on January 27th & 28th.

BRL 13.5 Dash
1. Buddy Paul
2. Pat Simkins
3. Bob Williams
4. Chuck Kleinhagen
5. Mike Kelm

13.5 oval (E Main)
1. Bobby Blount 73 5:00.360
2. Todd Forsythe 69 5:02.704
3. Nick Sackett 68 5:00.141
4. Bob Collins DNS

13.5 oval (D Main)
1. Scott Davidson 72 5:02.206
2. Travis Hook 72 5:04.014
3. Randy Wagoner 71 5:02.495
4. Mike Beach 70 5:01.422
5. Joe Marks 69 5:00.095
6. Tom Hack 57 4:15.495
7. Patrick Lowe 18 2:10.134
8. John Hook DNS

13.5 oval (C Main)
1. William Gibson 75 5:01.449
2. Steve Lock 74 5:00.226
3. Jim Jerome 73 5:00.057
4. AJ Strawn 73 5:00.583
5. Kevin Johannes 73 5:03.110
6. Charlie Moon 70 5:02.752
7. Bob Hendry 56 3:50.985
8. Tom Cohen 2 0:13.692

13.5 oval (B Main)
1. Rob Mulvaney 75 5:00.589
2. Kevin Klyber 75 5:03.413
3. Jason Crist 75 5:03.845
4. Mark Cieciek 74 5:00.040
5. Eric Knapp 48 3:14.860
6. Butch Beebe 47 3:19.574
7. Dave Whitesel 29 1:59.935
8. Rick Kanschat 29 2:06.736

13.5 oval (A Main)
1. Pat Simkins 76 5:02.615
2. Chuck Kleinhagen 75 5:00.680
3. Buddy Paul 75 5:01.608
4. Bob Williams 75 5:01.762 (TQ)
5. Kevin Klyber 74 5:01.372
6. Mike Kelm 74 5:03.797
7. Rob Mulvaney 3 0:15.432
8. William Gibson 2 0:10.992

BRL Pro 4300 Dash
1. Frank Ulbrik
2. Monti Panzica
3. John Foister
4. Danny Bartholomew
5. Jamie Hanson

4300 oval (F Main)
1. Todd Jennings 77 5:03.367
2. Kevin Perry 76 5:00.148
3 .(Koko) Mark Rice 75 5:02.798
4. Kevin Burrit 74 5:00.047

4300 oval (E Main)
1. Steve Lock 79 5:01.656
2. Al Sackett 79 5:02.685
3. William Gibson 79 5:02.915
4. Jeremy Hofer 79 5:03.526
5. Chuck Kleinhagen 77 5:03.740
6. Steve Monroe 76 5:00.052
7.Matt Kavalauskas 11 5:18.240
8. Brian McAllister 4 0:16.089

4300 oval (D Main)
1. Matt Gansen 81 5:00.278
2. Ben Sackett 81 5:02.177
3. Mark Steiner 81 5:03.021
4. Jason Jackson 81 5:03.369
5. Chuck Pfahler 81 5:03.720
6. Buddy Paul 80 5:00.418
7. Todd Gross 80 5:00.911
8. Mark Recio DNS

4300 oval (C Main)
1. Mike Makus 81 5:00.047
2. Mike Kingsley 81 5:02.307
3. Corey Heft 81 5:03.350
4. Dave Zipp 80 5:00.451
5. Ernie Parison 80 5:01.341
6. Jason Hack 78 5:00.367
7. Johnny Tanline Sparks 4 0:15.782
8. Kenny Mox 3 0:13.544

4300 oval (B Main)
1. Keith Racknor 81 5:00.041
2. Dusty Dean 81 5:03.567
3. Big John Zubak 80 5:00.699
4. Dusty Kemp 80 5:01.846
5. Roger Hasler 80 5:02.846
6. Joe (Mama) Rutherford 79 5:00.961
7. Mike Dugan 71 4:28.281
8. Rob Mulvaney 54 3:23.406

4300 oval (A Main)
1. Frank Ulbrik 83 5:01.029 (TQ)
2. Jamie Hanson 82 5:00.394
3. Danny Bartholomew 82 5:00.694
4. Monti Panzica 82 5:02.990
5. Keith Racknor 5:03.146
6. Dusty Dean 77 5:01.279
7. Mike Makus 0:15.647
8. John Foister DNS

Pro Mod Oval (A Main)
1. Danny Bartholomew 71 4:04.187 (TQ)
2. Kevin Perry 69 4:06.421
3. Jason Hack 68 4:06.175
4. John Foister 53 4:08.735
5. Sean Maxwell 51 3:01.079
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