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Fantastic Plastic's first release for November 2009 is the "Silent Night" Stealth Fighter concept from 1973. It's a 27-piece all-resin kit in 1:72:


The "Silent Night" was one of many early Stealth fighter concepts done during the latter years of the Vietnam War as the U.S. military looked for ways to evade North Vietnamese radar installations. This particular design was done by North American Aviation. As radar-absorbing composites had yet to be developed, it was the shape of the plane itself that would have helped avoid radar detection by presenting a very low signature.

Our 1:72 kit was developed in CAD by Scott Lowther and cast by Mana Studios. Decals are by JBOT. Landing gear, missiles/bombs and two pilot figures are included. The canopy is clear resin. The kit sells for $75 (plus shipping) and can be purchased through the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store:


Here are some other shots of the finished model:

http://www.fantastic-plastic.com/Silent Night Stealth Fighter Page.htm
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