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Oh yes, I finally found my treasure on Queens day today!!!
I'm looking for gems each Queens day, but today I finally found something noteworthy at the forum!
It is just 'another' VW Transporter by Siku, you migth think. Indeed. And in Matchbox terms, it is a Code 3. But it has printings on it of a local VW Dealer, right here in our 7500 populated village ('s-Gravendeel)!
The De Geus dealership went bankrupt some years ago, but their fuel station is still in operation and is adored with a VW Bug 'on a pole'...

I was not aware of any promo ever produced by a local company, but finding a Siku (plus 1) VW van (plus 2) in local livery (plus 7), makes up for a perfect 10!

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