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I always tease those IPMS guys from our local chapter, but they do so much for our craft. The local shows are really beginning to recognize us sci-fi guys and expand our little niche' every year. The first place award trophies for 2012 at the Petaluma show was a gold B-9 robot!

Most of them are retired military, and are passionate about the hobby. They served their country with honor. They regularly donate snap kits to the local veteran hospitals and visit with them, as well. They welcome my son and have given him tons of free kits. He is slowly getting into it, and maybe---just maybe...

Well, I just don't want to ever come across as an IPMS basher. So, whenever you see me post about taking my weird sci-fi to the meeting, and how the rivet-counters will think of my stuff, I mean it with plenty of affection! (They went nuts over my fully lit white Flying Sub!)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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