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Battle Front Gaming and R/C

January 23, 2010

Doors open at 8:00, racing starts at 10:00.

$20 first class/$10 second class. (Stay and run the “roval” during the oval program in the evening included in entry fee.) 3 heats and mains. Qualifying based on rocket round.

Trophies 1st-3rd in all heats with at least 6 racers.

• Novice (15 and under) May run either spec, stock or mod vehicle.
• Spec Slash
• Stock Short Course
• Mod Short Course

Class Definitions:
• Spec Slash – Follows MORL rules. No aluminum aftermarket parts, plastic aftermarket parts that do not enhance performance (i.e. RPM) are allowed to replace the bulkhead, arms and outer hubs. (Pro-Line Pro Trac system is not allowed for example) Radio, receiver, servo and speed control may be changed. Motors in this class are to be Traxxas Titan only. Must use the stock Slash tires. Cut tires are not allowed. (Can run in Stock and Mod Short Course as well.)
• Stock Short Course – Follows ROAR rules. This would mean that any after market parts or custom performance enhancements are allowed as long as the vehicle continues to meet the minimum/maximum ROAR dimension requirements. We will allow the stock motor from the Slash, Blitz and Strike to run in this class. We will allow the Strike to run, but it must not exceed the out of the box dimensions after any enhancements. (Can run in Mod Short Course as well.)
• Mod Short Course – Must meet same requirements as Stock Short Course with the exception that any motor/battery combination may be run.

Maximum of 6 vehicles in a heat. Starts will be heads up with 2 rows of 3. Each row will be given a chance to start at the front of the grid in the first 2 qualifiers. Resort after the 2nd round with the fastest 3 of each heat starting in the front row.

Come, run and most of all, have fun!!!!!

Any questions send a PM or call the store phone (616) 706-0391

Edit: Forgot about the 4wd class. We will run a class if there are enough. Open motor and battery.
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Not open for further replies.