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Not necessarily the holy grail, but I'd like to post my "next" model, as soon as my credit card is back in business (you know what I mean).

The website doesn't seem to have a pop up photo, but here is the link:


You're looking at a Skoda 1000 MB in blue, scale 1/87 and limited to just over 1100 worldwide. I know Abrex makes a 1/43 version, but I think I will go with this one.

Why? Because for most of my childhood in East Berlin my grandpa owned one of these in the same colour. He took good care of it and sold it in the early 90s. He passed away in 2000 from diabetes related complications. So a blue 1000 MB has to be my next model.
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Given the story, you definitely have to get one for memory's sake. My childhood memory, although born here in the US was my grandmother and I always talking about visiting Germany together and meeting the rest of her/our family. Unfortunately, that never happened, but I do remember thinking how brave she was because she would come back with pictures of the Brandenberg Gate, etc. when she had actually gone through (which to this young child is where she seemed mighty brave) to visit family on the East side. She didn't do it on every trip, but often enough for me to remember her doing it. Be sure to show us your Skoda when you get it.
Thanks Duncan. I have a few trucks in 1/87 so I can only imagine how small the car will be. I have seen the little Hot Wheels H0 models. But no matter, this is a special one. The tax rebate came through so I've placed the order a few minutes ago. Of course the way it is limited to 1104 worldwide is the icing on the cake, I don't deny that.
I am real glad you got it. :)
I am real glad you got it. :)
Thanks. Well...I went a bit over board while I was at it...it was a substantial tax rebate. So these will be in the mailbox soon.





Oh well. I couldn't resist. First of all you don't get Greenlights in the regular shops here, only online, and a limited edition is always nice. So is the Siku Blackline, also limited to around 3000 worldwide. The two MBX are perhaps not rare as such but certainly not common, especially the Beetle (I think collectors call it a code 3? Approved changes outside the mainline range?). Can't wait now.
Geeee, let me think. Which one is my favorite. Could it be the Javelin? lol
Geeee, let me think. Which one is my favorite. Could it be the Javelin? lol
Of course. lol Still, I'm excited about the rest too. They all seem to be limited in some way. :thumbsup:
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