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DakotaKid03 said:
Even if you don't want to ship Priority, the boxes come flat and you can fold them inside out (on some), and use them as a regular box. I know the smaller ones do have Priority Mail printed on the inside too.
and this is why they printed priority mail inside the box. If you are going to get FREE Priority boxes, they want you to use the Priority Mail (which i've noticed is usually only like $0.50 more than first class on most things). One of the reason's the price went up, people doing just that with flipping the box inside out and not getting the $$ for it.

But the downside to the Priority mail boxes are the size, they aren't that great for sending alot of stuff.

I for one, don't stock alot of empty boxes, I take them as i need them from other stuff at my work, if theres anything I can empty out onto the shelf. So its usually slim pickings for me when i need to ship more than 2 cars. So i just use whatever I can get my hands on... and if all i had was a shoe box, i garentee you i would use a shoe box.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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