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Shiny Spidey

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Since some people are quite proud of the recasts they have bought and like to display them...


...I thought this might be a good place to throw them to the wolves. Enjoy.
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That's the Horizon Spidey. Some day, I may even finish mine.
yep , a horizon knock off fer sure . and done in vinyl ! probably those guys from Thailand . ( sigh )
I am proud to say that I have the Horizon vinyl kit but it's not shiney... it's in my official horizon box, on my official Horizon shelf, next to my 30 officially unbuilt official Horizon kits. Why buy a recast of this kit... There are plenty of original spidey's on Thai-bay.

I've got one of those original ones. But mine was in stinky green/gray resin. "Recasts baaaad. Fire gooood!"
Excellent job! I like the shiny look to it. Seems appropriate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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