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Shinsei was a brand name of Shinsei Kogyo Co Ltd, based in Japan. This company made diecast models in many different scales ranging in size from 1:38 to 1:87 scale. Mostly of sports cars, commercial vehicles and construction equipment that they marketed as "Mini Power" and "HO Haulers". The cars all came with silver wheels.

They also had a North American base of operations office located in Cerritos, California. Their commercial vehicles were offered by Bachmann in American and Cox Hobbies in Califonia marketed as Cox Shinsei.

Their B-line Jet Machines Series was a diecast line of 1:38 scale cars by Cox Shinsei, marketed as B-Line by Bachmann.

They also offered a friction pull back series called "Jet Machines LTD". There were described as having a patented powerfully fast engine mechanism that could not be over wound. These were distributed by a Korean company called Clover in window box packages.

A transporter set was offered as the "Tractor Trailer" big rig set. The tractor was made in Singapore, but the (2) included cars were marked as made by Lintoy in Hong Kong.

B-line Jet Machines Series - 1:38
HO Haulers
Jet Machines Limited - 1:64
Mini Power Series -
Shinsei Tractor Trailer Series -

Hobbytalk member @construction153 notes that Shinsei was also associated with Goodswave after their relationship with Cox ended.

Sourced references -

Hobbytalk member @construction153
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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Thank you Milton. That was the information I was searching for.
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