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Shield your eyes!

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I finally had a chance to fill in some of the holes in my collection; turns out that they are some of the, uh, most striking colors out of all of my JLs:

I hope I'm not disturbing anyone who's eating at this time

I think I will try to separate them with some nice, subdued gray, brown and black cars when they actually get up on the shelves. Thanks for looking!
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RobDog said:
I heard once, that the(mint)old pink redlines command a higher price.

The reason? because young boys back in the 68-70's didn't want to be seen with a pink car, so they beat the hell out of them,thus creating thier rarity. :freak:

:)freak: that was almost 40 years ago,I think I beat the hell out of most any color, back then)
The story I was told buy an old re-sale shop owner -(who charges unreal prices for the little cars he has, so I don't really believe him)- any who the story I was told is that the cars were run through paint durring a change in color. or something to that effect. Sounds Crazy to me. :freak:
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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