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chevy263 said:
what a post !!! congrats on the openings !!! and owning 2 of the coolest wls made imo Neekaveli and Mike. Its soo sad i could have owned those camaros right from the show. I couldnt go my car was broke Someday i'll have to buy one of the RLs off the secondary market or trade for one :)
NOT that i doubt you could have owned both camaros from the show BUT
since only 2 were sold there. It would have been a miricle.

about 1/3-1/2 were given to the volunteer workers for the show maybe more i think around 22 were given away and most sold afterwards with the price starting at 400$ and those cards were far from perfect.

YEAH i got one of them at the auction and only one other sold there.
1 other was sold loose and one other in package in a wall display.

The bug was also very limited to only 40 wls being produced and may be harder to find as it was a ladies meal it was given at and kids got alot of them. But that camaro with REAL WHEEL white tires is one sweet car.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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