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I know it can be really difficult to get the camera to focus on the right area when doing macro closeups in artificial light.This is a very common casting with wide wheels in all colours except white (which I have) but oddly enough both of the transitional yellow issues with black baseplates have eluded me so far.
Does Mountain believe that there ever were any genuine regular wheels issues of this casting with green or yellow hubs as is commonly faked, or does AIM confirm that only the standard red hubs Fieldcars ever made it to toy store distribution?
I wonder if Mountain with his excellent photo collection of small details like these Fieldcar variations has ever considered either making his own website or hooking up with Nick Jones on his site to write up the Superfast variations of the regular wheels castings?? Nick Jones is here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/d.jones7317/public_html/1index/xx175series.htm and has this english forum
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