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Setup Board for Oval Cars

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I was wondering what kind of a setup board (Hudy, Integy,....etc.) you guys use for setting your camber, toe and castor?

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RPM Camber guage works good for camber, caster.
I measure the front width and rear width of the front tires with a dial caliper.
we mainly use scales for setup with pan cars.. basically checking weights on the wheels..... we use rpm guages for checking camber..... and most just use shims and eye site for camber..... with toe in we use calipers.. check the distance of the back of the inside front wheels and front of the wheels... this is about as perfect of a guage as u can get...

also check out http://www.baldwinracing.safeshopper.com/ these are the best scale boards ive used.. u wont be disapointed
Holeshot make a real good set up board for front ends.HOLESHOT RACING PRODUCTS
P.O. BOX 630
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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