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Hey guys,
So I'm building together the Iron Man kit and I'm using Green Stuff putty for the seam lines. But the thing is ...how do I know when the seam line is gone? haha. I'm totally new at this. Like I put the green stuff on the seam line and spread it down. I then sanded it down. But at some parts, I could visibly see the seam line, but when I run my finger over it, it feels smooth. So does that mean that I could start painting? Or is the seam line not supposed to be seen at all and be smooth???

So my question is, how do i know when the seam line is "fixed."

Second question is:
Let's say I was working on the arm. And then, to test if I'll be able to see the seam line, and then I spray the primer over the arm to see if the line is still there. If I see that the seam line is still there, I re-apply some more Green Stuff putty, and then paint over and whatever. Is that a good method to see if the line is still there?

Third question:
Also, when applying the Green Stuff putty, am I supposed to just put a goop over and spread it down the line where it wont just go on teh line but on the areas around the line? Or am I suppose to just put a little on and then push it into the seam line only, trying to avoid the surface area around the line as much as possible?? Or is it...just as long as it works..then it works then sand it down?

Thanks for the help

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Feel it with your finger, stop when you see plastic, wet-sand (always! lengthens the life of the sandpaper and you get a better surface), Sand gently and not too aggressively. Leave some putty. There should still be some green. Like I say, once you see a hint of plastic, put it down and walk away.

Putties like the squadron and my red glazing putty are notorious for leaving a seam no matter what. I like to fill with the usual putty and lay down some aves sculpt. Once that's cure (no less than 24 hours), wet-sand and you'll love the results. A near mirror finish. I don't know why I just don't skip the red glazing putty and go with straight aves. Just me I guess.

When applying the putty, first pay down some masking tape where you don't want the putty to get. Use two pieces to mask to the right and left (top and bottom?) of the seam. Apply your putty sparingly. I use my index finger and wipe with a paper towel for clean-up. Press the putty into the seam and smooth out with your finger or desired tool. I guess I just like how much control I have over my won fingers and I can feel what I'm doing rather than working with a tool. Once applied, lift up the tape.

For seam line testing, I like to swab some chrome silver paint over where the seam is to see if it shows up. If so, reputty if you like or if you think it's alright, quit. If there's no seam, then you've done it correctly.
To sum up:

Sand lightly
always wet-sand. Get off the excess and gradually work your way up the grits.
As soon as you see plastic, walk away.

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