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Hi All :)

I'll soon be starting to work on a 1966 BATMOBILE, which I'll be Scratchbuilding the Body for to fit an R.C. Car that I'll be using for the basis....1:18 Scale Lamborghini, in this case

Unfortunately, I may have to shorten the length of my Scratchbuild to match the Wheelbase of the Lamborghini, but, hopefully not too much if I can help it :)

This will be an Ongoing Project which I'll be working on as the opportunity allows, and I'll post Progress Photos when I've finished

I can see, though, that I'll need help with some of the parts....

For example, I will probably need some help with the Canopy....about 11cm by 8.5cm, or a little bit less

Would anyone have anything like this available?
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