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scored at our local meijers Today

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picked the following cars.
1.72 pontiac spoiler gran prix
2.72 buick riveria13 kustoms
3.76 camaro spoiler
4.MCU 2005 ford gt grey
5.classic gold yellow ford gt
6.66 BWFs Nova for a friend of mine
7.2-69 chargers spoilers- one for me and one for a friend
8.Kustomized cuda(purple) for a friend
9. AG jeep
10.AG 55 chevy
11.AG Cobra GT

Then I hit Wal Mart for a couple of Motor Max Impalas
and a Hot wheels Red Line GT.
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Yea I think so too

60sMetal said:
Great way to end the year. Nice!!!!!
I got lucky.
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