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In concert with Atlantis Models, we are pleased to announce this year's WonderFest project - the Convair Space Shuttlecraft

Class is from 9 am - 4 pm Friday May 29th
Limited to the first 12 paid student.

  • Learn airbrush techniques you can use for vehicles and just about any other modeling subject.
  • Learn to apply aging and fading for added realism.
  • Use our equipment or buy your own new equipment!
Start the day with practice controlling and cleaning a double action airbrush. Spend the rest of the day using your new/improved skills and the supplies in the Student Pack to paint up a Space Shuttlecraft in your own color scheme and markings.

Space Shuttlecrafts from class are shown at the Friday Night Airbrush Party and in the Wonderfest Amazing Model Contest. A public vote chooses the Best SFMS Convair Space Shuttlecraft and the winner will receive a Laserfire Creations Trophy sponsored by TAG Team Hobbies at the Awards Ceremony!

http://www.tagteamhobbies.com/wonderfes ... sCut6y1NoE

Iwata Padawan
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