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This is a newbie question, Looking to find a fusion core lighting set up for my 24" sci fi metropolis kit?, archived back a ways, even did a search on sfi met coulnd'nt find what i wanted. please forgive if this has been addressed before, any help with links and the like would be helpful,

Also what about people figures for such a kit, is this a possability or are they gonna need scratch built ,

I could help you out on the light kit. I have some being manufactured right now for the 18" Moebius kit. I might be able to get them to do a one off on my next run for your 24" kit by extending the LED's an inch or so. It will cost a fair bit more, and there would be some time involved, but I think I could do it. PM or email me if you want specifics.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts