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I had this book that was kind of a "guide" to spaceships from a specific future era (I want to say the 2200 timeframe) and the artwork in this print reminds me very much of that. Lots of fanciful spacship art - very well done. There were pics like this that had a ship in very unusual, but sometimes familiar settings.

All I remember is that I bought the book back in the late 70's and it was about a half inch thick and sort of a "coffee table" size book. I don't have the book anymore, but I do remember it somewhat. I'd forgotten all about that book until just now when I saw this pic.

I did a web search - as it turns out, the 2200 date was bang on. I found a reference on the web:


I'm not sure if the pic you showed is from one of these books that are listed, but that's what it reminds me of.

Psst..... I found a website that has pics of a lot of similar art and information on the artists that contributed. I'm pretty sure that Foss was one of them:


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