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Shuco was established in 1912, as Schreyer & Co, by the toy designer Heinrich Muller and a business man named Herr Schreyer in Nuremberg, Germany. They produced tin plate toys before WWI. Muller was a former model maker at Bing (?) and had developed a strong reputation as the man who could not only invent and design a toy but also the machinery and tooling to build it. As such, Schuco toys became legendary for their innovative mechanisms and play worthiness and a power house in toy production - from the 1930's to the 1950's.

After WWI, Muller bought out Schreyer and renamed the company Schuco. Their first diecast vehicles were introduced in 1951. They were made in 1:40 scale and called "Micro Racers".

In 1958, they introduced a series made in 1:90 scale called "Piccolo Series". These castings were injected molded using heavy metals material. They also had low friction style wheels, nickel plated axles and hubs with rubber tires. They were made up to the mid 1960s.

In 1969, they introduced their "Schuco Modell" series. These were a 1:66 scaled sized castings of contemporary to the era of full sized cars. They had working spring suspensions and were made with the pressure mold process using heavy zinc metal. Each casting also had opening doors and detailed interiors. Some of these models also became part of the Norev "Mini Jets" line up.

In 1976, Shuco was purchased by the British company Dunbee Combex Marx Ltd. No, diecast were produced during this time frame.

In 1980 (?), Dunbee Combex Marx's assets were liguidated. Some of the "Schuco Modell" models were obtained both by REI a Brazilian company and also by Norev. For Norev, they began to appear as new castings in their "Mini Jet" line.

In the early 1990s, the Shuco name was revived by the Dickie Speilzueg/Simba who began producing "Shuco Juniors" in 1:64, 1:72, and 1:87 scales. And a line of larger scale castings also. These models were made by High Speed and Hongwell.

The Piccolo cars were reissued in the early 2000s. In America, they were distributed by Simba. The new line up included a VW Beetle and other contemporary models. The Beetle was also offered as a promotional item at the New York's World Fair in 2002.

As noted above, the company has been sold several times to many different owners since its introduction but, is one of the few companies to still have new reissues still being sold today (2005). These reissues are not worth as much as the same original Schuco company toys (pre-war and US Zone) but are all works of art, just as good as the original, and being released in limited numbers, making them still very collectible.

Their "Metal43" brand series came from an obsolete brand previously offered by Danhausen.

Known Schuco Series

Piccolo - solid cast cars, trucks and motorbikes with silver painted windows
Montagekasten / Construction Kit
Auto Bild
CK - Motorsport
Disneyland Monorails - a series of sets, trains and track based on Disneyland's Mark I Monorail system in the late 1950s /early 1960s
Feyenoord Rotterdam
Pop Art Edition 1
Propeller AG
Pro.R 32
RWS - Models
Schuco Aviation
Schuco Edition 1/43
Schuco Edition 1/64
Schuco Edition 1/87
Schuco Junior Line
Schuco StarJets
Schuco Studio
Special Series for Netherlands
STC - Tuning
Super Schnell
100 Years of Schuco - Reissued (?) tinplate & pressed steel toys
150 Jahre Berlin
Opel Car Collection - available only at Opel dealerships.

Sourced resources

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