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Scale question: HUMAN EYEBALLS!!!

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The whole ball, not just from the eyelid apertures. For instance, in 1/4th scale the whole eyeball sould be...? And in 1/6th, and 1/8th?

For replacing eyes in a kit, or doing a sculpt. Find a round bead or some such, put it in the socket, then add the eyelids over that.
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The book CREATING LIFE-LIKE FIGURES IN POLYMER CLAY recommends 4mm eyeballs for 1/6th scale, 3.5mm for 1/8th, 3mm for 1/10th, and 2.5mm for 1/12th.
you can get glass eyes (unpainted ones are called "flints") from van ***** taxidermy... i sometimes use those, other times i use ball bearings. when it comes to the size, it really varies from person to person.... eyeballs are surprisingly large. for a recent 1/8 scale female figure i used 4mm glass flints.
Thanks, guys, big help! Still trying to learn sculpting. Getting better, but the eyes are trouble.
Adult eyes IRL are usually pretty close to 26 mm. IIRC.
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