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The first Short Course Summer Cup event took place recently at the Lavanko electric race track which is located in Vantaa, Finland. The SC Summer cup consist of four races on four different tracks in Finland and is intended for SC2-10 and SC4-10 cars. The series follows on from the SC Winter Cup which that was big success and also brought new racers to the SC class. In qualifying it was Riku Tolonen in 2wd and on Mikko Pyhältö in 4wd that took pole position.

Qualifying 2wd Top 3
1. Tolonen Riku
2. Peltoniemi Matti
3. Tervo Tommi

Qualifying 4wd Top 3
1. Pyhältö Mikko
2. Jämsä Kai
3. Peltoniemi Mat

In the 2wd class Riku had some problems in the first final and despite some challenges in the later finals was able to take the win in the remaining 3 to secure the overall title.

In 4wd Mikko took all four wins and like Riku only got occasional pressure from the other finalists. He took the overall victory ahead of Kai Jämsä and Tommi Suuripää

Final 2wd Top 5
1. Tolonen Riku
2. Tervo Tommi
3. Peltoniemi Matti
4. Hattunen Juho
5. Simonen Miro

Final 4wd Top 5
1. Pyhältö Mikko
2. Jämsä Kai
3. Suuripää Tommi
4. Lehtojärvi Jethro
5. Andersson Henrik

Click here to view the embedded video.

Thanks to Tero Piipponen for the report.

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