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"Showdown In The Snow"
Indoor Dirt Oval & Offroad Trophy Race
Saturday, Dec. 19th
Doors open 9am, first Heat 1pm
$20 first class, $5 each additional
Trophies or store credit for top 3 in every class!
Free T-Shirt for fastest lap in every class!

more details to come!

Big Dog RC

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Early interest shows we could have a record turnout for our Dec. 19th Trophy Race! We will Open earlier.

Some drivers have requested we start the first round earlier, say 11am, 2nd round would start at 3pm. This would keep us from finishing the Mains in the wee hours of the morning. Starting round 2 no earlier than 3pm would allow the regulars who can't make it at 11am still be able to race one round plus Mains.

We had a record 182 entries last year and starting at 3 we finished around midnight. We looking at 200+ for the 19th.

Let us know your thoughts on an earlier start time for the 1st round!

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Official start time for the "Showdown In The Snow" Trophy Race is 1pm Saturday, Dec. 19th

Track will open at 9am
Open practice 9am-11am
Controlled practice 11am-noon
Open practice noon-12:45pm
Track closed 12:45pm-1pm
First race 1pm
2 Rounds of Qualifiers (Heats) 1 Round of Mains with bumps
Trophies or store credit for the top 3 in every class (6 make a class) plus "Top Marshal Award" and "Hard Luck Award"

As an example, early sign-ups will be 2wd Buggy, 2wd Mod Oval, 4wd Oval, etc. On race day make sure you put class detail, example; 2wd Stock Buggy, 2wd Mod Buggy, 2wd Mod Oval LateModel, 2wd Mod. Oval EDM. If we get at least 6 we'll run them together.

Questions? 724-376-2379

Should be an amazing event, the sponsorship continues to grow! Track build day Monday Dec. 7th 4-8pm.

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Thanks for all the track help, with 2 tractors and all the volunteers we did more on this track than any other! We'll see Wed. if any adjustments need made. Andy looked pretty good running 2wd Buggy in the raw conditions! Once it's wet and packed it should be great! If anyone knows of a gas dirt compactor we could borrow for a day, let us know.

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Still looking for a few more drivers for the clinic on Fri.!
Have you ever wondered how Denton can show up here and lap the field on a track he's never run on?
How does Paul run faster with his 2wd Buggy than everyone else's EScale?
How did a 13yr. old beat every Tekno, Losi, Associated & Mugen EScale with a stock $300 RTR Redcat (8 weeks in a row)?
Is their car faster?
Do they have better equipment?
Secret tires?
A 6th sense?
Tekno Team Driver's, Jeremy LeDonne and Lawrence Williams-Mayes will be here Fri. to give you insight on driving and setup.
Learn from some of the best driver's in the country how to look at a track, driving lines, set-up, is slow REALLY fast?
Learning how to run just a couple tenths faster and do it consistently can be the difference to get you to the top of the A Main!
The clinic will run from 7-9pm this Fri. a $10 investment can make sure you're getting all the performance out of your equipment! Call the store to reserve your spot! 724-376-2379!

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"ShowDown in the Snow!"
Results 12/19/15
(16 different classes)
(233 total driver entries)
(20,970 laps recorded)

Unlimited 4wd Oval
Bill Eck, Chris Chmielewski,Jeremy LeDonne

Mod Sprint
Bill Wiggins,BirdDog,Jason Dailey

Spec Sprint
Bill Lambert,Keir Williams,Rick Robbins

Sportsman Oval
Robbie Lance,Mark Akins,Keith Stich

Spec Oval
BirdDog,Jeremy Weaver,Bill Wiggins

Small 4wd Oval
Brian Shevitz, Donovan Dailey,Bill Lambert

Mod Latemodels
Cody Cochran, Jason Smith,Austin Graul

Limited 4wd Oval
Justin Savage,Bill Wiggins,Jeremy LeDonne

2wd Mod Oval
Jeremy Weaver,Superman,Larry Schuller

2wd Offroad Buggy
Denton Boyer,Mitch Thompson,Paul Nam

2wd Offroad Short Course Truck
Paul Yoe,Jason Smith,Chris Pollard

2wd Offroad Stadium Truck
Paul Nam,Mitch Thompson,Denton Boyer

4wd Offroad Trucks
Jeremy LeDonne,Colton Gabany,Tom Frankito

1/10 4wd Offroad Buggy
Paul Nam,Mitch Thompson,Jeremy LeDonne

Offroad Truggy
Jeremy LeDonne,Colton Gabany,Ironman

1/8 Offroad Buggy
Jeremy LeDonne,Denton Boyer,Erich Bobby

Next Event: 12/26/15
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