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Was driving around the backroads of Washington with my "Salvage Truck" looking for ...... well ..... savable salvage:thumbsup:. I stopped in a roadside "Choke n Puke" for a bite to eat:drunk:. Saw a card game going on in the backroom. Sat down and played awhile. Ended up winning this in the game(Texas Hold'Em of course). MMMMM???? I thought. I'll send this to Rich (NT) as a THANK YOU for my Salvage Truck.:tongue:

Wonder how long it will take AL to knock the new off this one.::rolleyes:
Maybe Rich should let Sparky drive this one :jest::roll::jest:

1st pic is my Savage Truck
2nd pic shows the metallic paint (flash used)

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Wowie......beat that sucker Al *SMASH*

Those #2 Decals on that blue just sing Race it till ther rear axle comes flying out of the rear housing after it breaks. That is a season of hard paint exchanging & metal grinding into the curves racing baby! Vroooooooooooooom, vroooooooooooooom, Screeeeeeeeatch... Oh Yeah!!

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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