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1st: John Davis
2nd: Preston Kabinoff
3rd: Gill Gilliland

Star Trek Spacecraft
1st: Chris Doll
2nd: John Morel
3rd: Justin Sewall

Movie/TV Spacecraft (Not Star Wars or Star Trek)
1st: Troy Enlow
2nd: Chris Doll
3rd: Michael Wojak

1st: Steve Sturgis
2nd: Janine Bennett
3rd: Rich Danison
3rd: Terry Moore

1:1 (Full Scale)
1st: William Lawrence
1st: John Davis
2nd: Mike Schuessler
3rd: Aaren Larsen

Japanese Robot/Mech Gundam
1st: Rich Danison
2nd: Brian Oakley
3rd: Doug Packard

Star Wars Spacecraft
1st: Coby Lorang
2nd: Rich Danison
3rd: Jeff Skagen

Other Spacecraft & Real Space
1st: Chris Doll
2nd: Dave Holmes
3rd: Michael McGuire
3rd: Steve Holmes

Ground Vehicle
1st: Preston Kabinoff
2nd: Earl Simons
3rd: Dave Holmes

1st: Les Knerr
2nd: Brian Oakley
3rd: Gill Gilliland
1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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