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Formerly known as Jadali, Safir started operations in 1961 making larger scale diecast models.

In 1969, they introduced their "Champion" series of 1:43 and 1:66 scale sized diecast lines. The 1:66 (?) range was made with plastic bodies fitted to die cast metal base plates. These included the the Champion name on them. Most models were of actual vehicles and the chrome bodied variations are the most difficult to find and most desirable examples that are considered rare. Packaged examples can be found on blister cards as "Milcars" or in clear acrylic plastic display cases.

The small scale series (?) were called "Championette" although they too had the 'Champion' name on their base plates.

Available models included various Citroen 2CVs, Renault vans and a Saviem truck design. A Lola T70 was also made. The Saviem trucks had a thin framed metal chassis design.

Safir ceased operations in 1978.

Sourced references -

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