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Seen at the toy fair back in February, S-Workz have released their new S350 BE-1. This 1/8 scale off-road racing brushless buggy, with its super narrow chassis design, comes standard with the S-Workz X-system transmission that provides a powerful punchy acceleration. This pro kit comes equipped with many factory team option parts adding strength and performance to the car with a lot of emphasis on the weight distribution contributing to the car performance and easy general car setup. Equipped with Big Bore Shocks and oil filled differentials, the S350 BE1 delivers good traction and balance on any off road tracks.

S350 BE1 Kit Features:
- Transmission Gear Box System
- Standard with SWORKz X-System transmission gear system
- Front and Rear Big Bore Shocks
- Unique 4 wheel dust protection system
- Double Protection Bumper Design
- Super Narrow Chassis Design
- Adjustable front upper and lower suspension arm system
- Rear kick up chassis system
- Center Spur Gear Protection Cover
- One Unit Motor Holder with Center Diff Mount
- Steering Servo with Receiver Box Unit System
- Front and Rear aluminum Chassis Brace

Source: S-Workz [sworkz.com]

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