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S.O.S - September Oval Spectacular

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S.O.S - Weekly Race Information


We have made some changes to our weekly schedule. I hope everyone is pleased with it.

Oval racing will be Saturday afternoon and Sunday mornings.

For a complete look at our new schedule check out: http://www.teammaximus.com/images_pop/carpet.html

Track Memberships are On Sale Now - 20 hours a day access to the track more information available at: http://www.teammaximus.com/images_pop/carpet.html

S.O.S - September Oval Spectacular

Maximus R/C Raceway is located in York, Maine. One Hour north of Boston.

On September 25th & 26th we will have a trophy race.

Our track is 36' x 84' and has new Ozite.

For more information on S.O.S: www.teammaximus.com/sos

For more information on Maximus: www.teammaximus.com

R.O.A.R. Membership Requirded - If you are not a member you can purchase a day memberships for this event $15 or a new member can join for $25 at Maximus.
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been to the track to play and it is a great place. now lets all get over to help the new track grow. cant wait to have the trophy race. should be fun.see you there.

thropy race

This is going to be one of the best racers this year. brand new track no bumps . the owner is working real hard to make it the best race ever. You have to like that. Two hours fro k/n in ct or under if you drive like me.
Hey Bojo...any discussion on what the weekly racing will be...what day ect.....Coming from Mass....I could be there often depending on what day...
I hear oval racing is planned for Sundays starting in November. With on-road racing being run on Saturdays. The owner had mentioned some races being planned for before the November points series starts. I think the only one scheduled so far is the trophy race. It is a very nice place. I was impressed when I made the trip up to check it out. It is clean and well organized. And most importantly the owner is a very nice guy. I look forward to spending some Sundays in Maine this winter.
Trophy Race

Brando we are there every sunday doing oval. I will be bringing flyers to Gilford on tues for the trophy in sept. It is one of the nice's tracks around.You will have to make the trophy. Bud every sunday we practice for now.7.00 dollars from 11 to 5. you should ckeck out and tell Nick and mike V
I'll try to make the september trophy race extravaganza super duper insane race :tongue: lol. Nick will probably go as well... Anybody for mod????

Mike Voccola
i'm in for mod.hope you can make it mike. it's a nice flat track, just what you need.lol. see ya soon
Is ROAR membership required for weekly racing?
pedone...Yes roar membership is required for weekly racing..I spoke to someone at the
track on the phone....Guess it helps the places Liability Insurance or something...
Bojo....word is already getting out...Just wish oval was Saturdays..Im sure guys from K/N would have also wanted Sat....If the oval racing is for Sundays I hope it starts early in the day and we are done early...Got around a 2 hour commute home...gotta be at work for 6:00 AM on Mondays.
Ill be there in a couple of weeks...Should do the Sept. Race.....Hope to be there often....
k/n is closed that weekend . Yes it will get over early. bob you are a roar member from the nats. Help get the word out . Cash for first ,second and third .we need the Bat two hours from k/N any body that needs to stay at my house can. 25 min away.
Hey Bojo...As far as starting and finishing early..I hope that is for the upcoming weekly racing...Im gonna try to come up there often....Just got to be at work early Monday morning..2 hr commute coming home..nagging wife...ect..ect...


As far as staying at your house...is the offer still good to those who sleep in the nude....:hat: .....heheheheheheh
Hey bud3738 ,went to Maine Friday night and after dropping off bojo and I got to bed at 2am and needed to get up for 6am and do 12 hours at work that was easy...I agree with Saturdays myself...If it stays at Sunday, I won't beable to make it...
Maximus R/C Raceway

Hello everyone,

I thought I would chime in with a few answer to your questions.

First- All racers must be R.O.A.R members to race at our facility. The cost for a new member is $25 for a year if you sign up at Maximus.

Second - Sunday will be the day for oval racing and it will start early. We will be releasing our schedule on Sept 1st so sign up for our eList and get it before it is even posted on the web. eList Link - www.teammaximus.com/images_pop/carpet.html

Thanks for the interest in our facility - Maximus
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ROAR Membership

I'm just curious, why would you force anyone that wants to race at your track to become a ROAR member ??? We were planning on coming down for your SOS race but, are now rethinking it because we would not be racing there on a weekly basis so, we have no other use for the ROAR membership. Let me know, thank you.

Bob T
I know you understand my concern Dennis....Fact is there is a few guys that

sundays are not good for...I would think the K/N regulars would stay next to thier home track on Sundays....Who would want to drive 4+ hrs the day before

going back to work when within 20 min;s or so they are at K/N....Anyway..I will make as many races as I can because we need to support our Hobby shops

in New England....I just wish everyone didnt race the same day....see you in a couple of weeks
I'm just curious, why would you force anyone that wants to race at your track to become a ROAR member ???

Bob T

I am glad to hear that you are thinking about coming to our S.O.S event.

If you are a ROAR member and you are racing at a ROAR affiliated track (Maximus R/C Raceway) you receive the following:

$1,000,000 Liability Insurance protection
$10,000 Accident Medical Insurance

Simple Example: Racer is corner marshaling and trips and breaks his/her arm (a random accident). That racer would have $10,000 Accident Medical Insurance Coverage through ROAR.

We feel that is a reasonable amount of coverage for $25 a year.

Thanks again and I do hope you choose to race at our track. - Maximus
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If I were a ROAR member which, I used to be, then according to ROAR rules, pg 17 paragraph 2-82 under Awards, I would not be able to race in the S.O.S. event because, you are awarding CASH prizes which is against ROAR affiliation. I'm not trying to be a jerk and I don't have anything against ROAR. I think, I see why you are requiring people to sign up for a ROAR membership and I hope that your track is very successful because it looks like a very nice facility. Good Luck

Bob T

This is not a Roar Sanctioned Event, with that being said, does that rule still apply or only in effect relevant to Nationals, Regionals Events etc? I don't have a rule book, so I cannot refer to that paragraph.

That is a good question but, if your going to be a track where you must have a ROAR membership to race, you would think that every event run at the track would be run by ROAR rules, maybe not ?? I just thought that if were trying to be a ROAR track and they don't afiliate with racing for CASH, why would you ?? By the way, ROAR rules are on the web at; www.roarracing.com This is just my 2 cents

Bob T
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