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It's getting close! The final chapter of the 2004 South Eastern Racing Series 1/4 Scale season is almost upon us. Sept. 11, 2004 is the date. Carolina RC Speedway is the place!

This race will be a little different as we will be including the regular 1/10th scale lineup as part of the days activites as well.

We will coordinate practice times and have one BIG day of racing.

The track will be available on Friday for practice until 7pm. After that you're pretty much wasting your time anyway as track temps change and won't be helpful for daytime setups.

Offroad will be racing on Friday night at 8pm so if you want a bit of a diversion, bring out your offroad gear and come have some fun.

Any questions e-mail me at

Looking forward to a good time!

Let's race and have fun!
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