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After four races on three different tracks all over Denmark, the national Danish touring car outdoor championship would be decided in fifth and final race at the track of Vejle, in the Western part of Denmark some 250km from the capital Copenhagen. Practice on Saturday was washed away by the rain but at least the sun came out in the early evening giving the drivers the chance to get at least some four or five runs. Sunday again was affected by the weather and changing track conditions. The 15 SuperStock drivers spend a lot of time on changing tires, waterproofing the car, and thinking about new strategies.

For the first round of qualifying the track was wet, but it was not raining any more. The first heat had perfect conditions for threaded wet tires, second heat was still fine but the third heat with most of the fastest drivers had very questionable conditions with the track being not soaked enough for wet and not dry enough for slick tires. Just before the second round of qualifying a short shower changed conditions again leaving the drivers in questions about the right tire choice. This time it was the third heat that had perfect conditions resulting in fast times of the fastest guys around. The third and final round of qualifiers was a blue print of the first round with perfect wet conditions for heat one and a somewhat in-between state for the third heat. After three rounds of qualifying it was T.O.P. driver Christian Lehm who took TQ, five places in front of Serpent driver Steven Olsen, with whom he was fighting for the overall second place in the championships. Leader of the Championship Søren Boy Holst, knew that he just needed to take a sixth place overall, to grab the Championship title, so he was there to finish, but not to finish first.

The first A-final saw a lot of water on the track so Søren and Christian took a chance and tried narrow rain tires. That seemed to be a bad idea, as the water once again disappeared fast and these tires were worse than the wider Dunlop tires. Steven could take the win from 6th place and changed from sad to a big smile. Now he had the upper hand to Christian. The second A-final started on a wet track with small dry spots, being to wet for slicks and to dry for wets, so once again slow driving was prescribed for all eight drivers. This time Steven had some problems and Christian finished in second, so everything was still open. For the final run of the A mains the track was nearly completely dry but Morten Iversen and Søren Boy Holst had some problems with the cars and were allowed ten minutes delay to get ready. Søren changed the servo and thought everything was ok, but at the first lap the car behaved strangely again, so he had to retire. He later discovered that the problem came from a connector on the battery wire, that produced glitches. Morten Iversen could take the overall win of the day, with Steven in second place and Christian in third place. This result gave Søren the overall win in the SuperStock class. 25 drivers participated in the class.

Results 2012 Danish national championship
1. Søren Boy Holst – T.O.P. Photon EX
2. Steven M Olsen – Serpent*S411
3. Christian Lehm – T.O.P. Photon

Many thanks to Søren Boy Holst for sending the report.

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