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rope starter conversion

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I have an old 3hp briggs that is on an air compressor, it runs good but with an old school rope start it is a pain, can a starter clutch and pull starter be added? If so what size moter parts would work? Does the whole blower housing have to go or can the pull starter part be added? the model is an 80301 and the type is 94**** I do not exactly recall.
Any help appreciated.
If it matters the flywheel nut is reverse thread ie turn to the right is really loosening.
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Just take the model,type, and serial number that you've already got from the motor and go to your nearest small motor dealer (lawn mower/snowblower) and ask them what will fit your motor. I don't think that you'll have a problem getting a recoil system.
I'm not sure if the reverse thread will cause any problem but you can ask them when you are there.

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