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I'm still not sure what the heck it is, but I finished it.


What on earth are those wings, you ask?
My favorite SF/F flying machine of all time (I SO want a real one!)
I just happened to be looking at a spare copy of that Nausicaa model, and it suddenly struck me that it needed a Klingon neck sticking out of it.

So this is my first build of the PL Klingon. Once again, not building it straight. Still haven't built the Enterprise straight either. :D

It looked too graceful and gull-like to stay Klingon, so it became Romulan spontaneously. And since it was so gull like, I decided the famous bird-painting on the belly needed to be a gull.

The cannons are from the Star Wars Trade Federation tank.

I'm going with "Seabird" as the Romulan name for the class of ship.

But John, it has no nacelles! How can it go?
Look at the, um ... under the... between it's le....
Damn, I made this thing TOO bird-like!
The red glowy thing under the butt is meant to be an early form of the engine that drives the B'rel-type Klingon BoP. So however that thing warps, so does this. The legs are there just to emphasize the birdyness of the whole thing, but I painted the tips copper to hint that maybe they have something to do with the warp drive too. The legs, btw, are also SW tank guns. nacelles would have ruined the lines.

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Love it! That is one of the best Kling....er, Romulan, bashes I've seen anywhere. I'd buy that if it were a kit.

Starship Class
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The head looks too big. :freak: Take off the top wedge piece and superstructure and it'd be better balanced.

Otherwise, it looks extremely cool! :thumbsup:
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