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Directly off The Rock's forum:

This is a post from Gerald, the club's promoter.


avec nous vendredi au commande d une voiture de richard forget

ont aura la visite de roman pemberton qui a la fonction de spotter pour plusieurs equipe sprint et nationwide.
et se week end est en fonction(spotter) pour andrew ranger.

se meme roman participe de meme a beaucoup de course de r /c durant l hiver.
si je me trompe, il est le fils de ryan qui a ete longtemps crew chief pour rusty wallace et maintenant est un directeur haut place de nascar dans la serie sprint..a je joue a paul houde ...

cette nouvelle nous arrive de steve salvas par courriel
ont se rappel a la premiere visite d indy car a mtl, le chef ingenieur de christian de matta etais venu competitione avec nous le vendredi soir

soyez des notres


This Friday night driving one of Richard 4Jet's cars.

We will have the visit or Roman Pemberton who spots for many Sprint Cup and Nationwide teams. And this weekend (in Montreal) spots for Andrew Ranger.

This same Roman Pemberton also participates in many RC races in the winter. If I remember right, he is also the son of Ryan Pemberton, who was a crew chief for Rusty Wallace for a long time and is now of of the leading directors in Sprint Cup...I'm doing a Paul Houde now...

This news comes from an Email sent by Steve Salvas.

We can also remember when Christian Da Matta also visited us during the Indy Cars (CART) first visit in Montreal.

Be there


If you're in the area for this weekend's Nationwide race in Montreal, stop in and say Hi. better yet bring your oval ride over and have some fun this Friday night. Go to www.grcsr.com for more info or call the track at 450 588-4254.

Damn I wish I wasn't working.
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