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Roly Toys is a Brazilian company, originally based in Rio de Janeiro. (?) Mauricio M Nbuch started making these small-scale diecast models similar to Matchbox's Regular Wheels castings from 1964 to 1968. These castings ranged in size from 1:54 to 1:62 scale. They also made a few truck models in 1:100 scale made to fit into the same sized picture boxes. Castings represented both German and Brazilian vehicles.

In 1968, they became the Brazilian distributor of Matchbox starting out importing finished models.

From around 1972 onwards, they begain importing the parts instead and painting and assembling them locally. Assembly took place in the city of Manaus.

In 1975, the company was renamed Inbrima and continued its associaion with Matchbox until around 1990.

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