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Hi Folks,

Our local track is starting an oval series this fall. I have not raced oval regularly in over 6 years but am looking forward to breaking out the 10L3O again. I used to run 4-cell and 6-cell stock and have no experience with Lipos yet.

We will be running a spec class with Novak 17.5s, Orion 2400 2S Lipos and the spec CRC tires front and back. These are the same specs we run for our onroad class so this is where we are starting. The track is 90' x 50' and I am concerned the front right is going to be way too soft with these specs but we will all be in the same boat and maybe we'll make some changes after the first couple nights.

Any recommendations on a rollout for this setup?


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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