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Last weekend the 3rd round of the Swiss championship took place in Gland at lake Geneva. About 140 drivers had registered for the event on one of the most beautiful and challenging tracks in Switzerland. The weather was fine too and for the first time the drivers could enjoy a wholly dry weekend. Robin Frischkopf managed to TQ the expert category an Saturday however on Sunday he made some mistakes in the semifinal and did not manage to get the pole. P-S-R team driver Robin Frischkopf (Swiss champion of 2010) went into the 45 minute final race as 3rd but was immediately able to put pressure on Jeremy Pittet. After a great duel and beating the track record several times he managed to pull away towards the end and win with about 20 seconds advantage.

1. Robin Frischkopf – PSR Fuel (new formula), Filters, Clutch, Bearings, Clutchbell, Oils, etc.
2. Jeremy Pittet – PSR Filters
3. Yaël Zurflüh

1. Roger Burkhardt – PSR Filters, PSR Clutch
2. Hansi Rütsche
3. Scott Walker

Source: PSR [power-save-racing.de]

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