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HELP ME Find RobbieS

Does anyone know anyhing about RobbieS or his whereabouts. I paid him for a motor 17 days ago and he hasn't been online since the 16th. I know i's not much I just want my motor or my 15 bucks
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Anyone at all that can help me locate this guy somehow?
I found Robbie he is the head of Kentucky RC Pro series he did reply to an e-mail and assured me it was a postal mistake but he would make it right. That has now been over 3 weeks ago and he will not reply to my e-mails now. I have tried to resolve this nicely but it seems that will not happen . As small as it seems it all boils down to principle and the fact that you shouldn't take advantage of others in the RC world
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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